Top Low-to-Mid Range Video Card Chart

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List and rankings of display cards and GPU performance

You don’t need to decide which graphics card to buy. We compare all kind of video cards between each other – from the best to the worst ones – using special chart on this site. The list includes almost all display cards made over the last ten years. We used to have a good list of video card hierarchy in GPU hierarchy chart from tom’s hardware site. However, they don’t provide the same hierarchy structure anymore. Comparison list of video cards is sorted by the best ones, involving popular manufacturers, such as NVIDIA и AMD. We also provide average score for 3 main game resolutions (1080p, 144p and 4K) in addition to overall rating index and actual price if it is available.

What are the criteria for these video cards?

Real gaming benchmark tests are used to rate these video cards. We always measure performance through frames per second rather than TFLOPS or GB / s or any other theoretical values that don’t make any difference for a regular player. Results of our tests are compared to user-preferred resolution and in-game video settings. We’ve got some complex algorithms, which were created thoroughly to get 95% of accurate scores of game performance test based on analysis of more than 40 000 benchmarks. Performance of display cards can be widely different varying from one game to another, but this comparison chart shows overall rating of video cards. In addition to our own tests, we use various trusted sources that include TechPowerUp, TomsHardware, AnandTech, TechSpot and many others.
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